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Jimmy Butler Is The Perfect Asshole

I love everything about Jimmy Butler. But most importantly, he's the perfect asshole. Think about his career starting in Chicago as a role player, making his way to Minnesota and his fall out there then traded to Philly then to Miami. Bet the Sixers still wish they had him, but oh well. And now he's reigning terror in Miami with his coffee monopoly that started last year in the bubble. 

Makes all the sense in the world to bring it back after a run to the NBA Finals last year. A run that made everyone believe Jimmy Butler is a star. A run that showed Spo completely pantsing Brad Stevens and squashed any talk of Stevens as the best coach in the league. I just hope Butler brings back this board to Milwaukee: 

The most Jimmy Butler thing here is 'cash only' and 'no I.O.U.s' on his board. That man wants to get paid right this second and give you a cup of coffee. I don't even hate his strategy of charging a ridiculous amount. I for sure don't hate his strategy of charging more for Milwaukee. I want more rivalries in this sport. We're starting to get there with Milwaukee and Miami. The Bucks owner basically called out the Heat: 

I want to see Jimmy and Giannis go at it. I hope there's a scrap, I hope there's shit talking and I hope Jimmy Butler charges $50 for a cup of coffee and screams fuck Milwaukee. All I know is he's turned into the perfect asshole, something I never thought I'd say about Jimmy Butler. 


Jimmy saying he's stupidly locked in is my favorite quote now. He's the only one that can get away with that.