Sportsmanship, Not Disrespect: The Real Story of What Happened After Playing Table Tennis With Hank

You've all seen the clip by now, so I'm not sure how much of a backstory is needed. It was another thrilling, three set match against Hank inside Stool Streams Stadium. He was on the winning end of a marathon first set, taking it 25-23. I settled in as the match went on, evening the series after a 21-9 second set victory.

And then came the third set, when I was fortunate enough to take that one and the series after a 21-14 win. But everyone is talking about our postgame handshake, when I went up to Hank and shook his hand after the final point. I walked away after, turned around, and saw that Hank was still down on the ground. So, I decided to go back and attempt to help him up. I got in the position to do that, he rejected my offer, and I walked away. With the position I put myself in, it did look identical to the Allen Iverson moment. 

I'm here to tell you that this was ABSOLUTELY NOT the intention here. Could I have stayed to the side and offered my arm out? Sure. But that's not what happened, and I get the hoopla over the position. I pride myself on being a positive person and having sportsmanship every time I compete, and that is what I was trying to do here. I'm sorry that Hank has to be on the other side of this as well, because as I mentioned before, that was not what I was going for here. I was genuinely trying to help him up. That's it.

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