20 YEARS AGO TODAY: People Forget How Close Vince Carter Was To Ending The Sixers 2001 Magical Run

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Well, shit. We all remember it being a Game 7 missed buzzer beater on a semi-good look, but…damn. In some (probably every) other universe that shot drains and the Sixers NEVER come close to a championship. I mean, sure, they didn't win one that year cause they faced an ALL-TIME Lakers team that didn't lose a single fucking game that playoffs until Game 1 of the Finals, but still. An interesting Butterfly Effect would've occurred if that shot went down. Vince Carter missed so 18 or so years later Kawhi Leonard could hit.

Shit, even the ECF went to 7 versus the Bucks but AI decided to stamp his nuts down to the tune of 44 points in a convincing win to the Finals. 

Watching that team always gives me the feels. And now this current Sixers squad has a date with destiny to possibly win the whole damn thing. Not only that, they're +600(!!!) to win the East on the Barstool Sports Book. Yes please. Responsibly. 

PS - Rone and I naturally go off on the Sixers on last week's First Time, Long Time. We'll hang up and listen.