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My OFFICIAL 1980 Playboy Magazine Review Featuring Bo Derek

Let me tell ya folks- I of course did this as a joke for a Tik Tok but that shit is absolutely FASCINATING to read. Now is it of course annoying that there's no tits until like page 108? Obviously. It's friggen Playboy for Christ's sake I was definitely expecting more of that, but I truly didn't even care when reading through that. Those ads & interviews are FASCINATING!

Just the headline alone features the queen Bo Derek, a question about who's gonna benefit if pot ever becomes legal which is hilarious to look back on 41 years later, and an irreverent interview with the best quarterback in the NFL in Terry Bradshaw. And don't even get me started on that Apple ad from 1980...that is just undisputably an EXTREMELY COOL THING! 

I need to track down more Playboys to review. I think it's my calling. Please follow me on Tik Tok.