Chris Rock Recommending His Ex-Wife's Divorce Lawyer To John Mulaney Is Why He's The Best

The absolute fucking man. Obviously if you're reading this website I'm gonna assume you're a fan of comedy which means we all know just how absurdly hilarious Chris Rock is. From Bring the Pain to Grown Ups 1 & 2 (great fucking movies and if you disagree you have a stick up your ass) to Tamborine to pretty much every fucking thing he's ever done he's the best. A personal favorite of mine. Hell I'm even a proud owner of the Everybody Hates Chris boxset on DVD- used to fall asleep to it all the time growing up...the only downfall of that was the theme song playing NONSTOP throughout the night but that's neither here nor there.

But one thing I can truly appreciate about a comic is how conversationally funny some of them are and I hope that makes sense by what I'm saying. I feel like there's a good amount of comedians that are obviously hilarious onstage, yet nothing crazy on talk shows/interviews. Some great talk show interview people that hit me off the top of my head are Jamie Foxx, Artie Lange, and, of course, Chris Rock. 

All this Fallon interview does is remind me of that once again. I've never gotten a divorce but I'd assume they fucking SUCK and probably suck even more when you happen to lose millions in them so to joke around about that is just amazing. LEGEND.