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Ronald Martinez. Getty Images.

Yankees 2 Rangers 0

Man that was fucking awesome. I know no hitters are so hot in the streets these days that they've become not as fun. We've got 6 and it's May 19th for christ's sake. There's been a no-no in back to back nights. I said in last night's blog about Turnbull's no hitter that if you find a starting pitcher on the mound in the 9th these days he's probably hit-less. All of those points still are true. I really wouldn't care this much if it wasn't Corey Kluber.

 I'm sure I'll get laughed at for being so excited. I really couldn't care less. Corey Kluber has worked his fucking ass off to get back to this point. A ton of people gave up on him giving this team anything in 2021. 

What a fucking idiot. WSD said he'd be DFA'd by June! HAHAHAHAHHAH

I'm so goddamn happy for Corey Kluber. That man to do this on the same mound he left injured two years ago is so cool. The fucking bot. After some struggles to start the year he's been so good. The ERA is down to 2.86! Man he was so good tonight. 101 pitches too is incredible, with just the one walk that came in the 3rd. 9 strikeouts, with pure wiffle ball stuff. 

Just look at him take it all in. You think this didn't mean anything to that man? HE HAS EMOTIONS!!!

12th no hitter in Yankees history. The first since Cone's perfecto in 1999. Corey Kluber. The fucking bot. In a Yankees season so far that's been pretty negative, that was so goddamn cool to watch. The season has officially begun.