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I Have Graduated

So I have finished school and walked at graduation on Monday, gown and the weird square hat and all. The diploma is technically coming in the mail because professors haven't gotten grades in, but I passed all my classes checked with all the professors should all be good. Also, what the hell is the deal with the hats.

(The only picture of the square hats, like seriously what were their historical context they don’t block the sun and never fit on your head right)

I'm finally ready to go full-time. 

When I saw Hank's tweet in 2017 looking for local interns, I never thought: #1 My resume would get looked at; #2 I would ever get an interview; #3 I would then get selected out of all the dudes I was in the waiting room with at HQ2. I had been planning on working construction with my friends, something we did every summer (Off the books because we were under 18 and got to take the day off if OSHA came around), and once I found out about the PMT job, I had to change all my summer plans. 


Many thought my decision to head to college at the end of that summer was stupid and that 4 years at Barstool would be way better for the future than any degree. I had been dreaming of playing college football since the day I picked up the ball. Education always has been very important to my family. My father was the first in his family to go to college. So I had to go get that "piece of paper" and hopefully ball out.

Things don’t work out sometimes. For every college sports starter, there are 4 bench warmers. And those benchwarmers are going to do whatever they can to get off the bench, including attending summer workouts that are incompatible with many summer jobs. Yeah, so I didn't get too much burn in college tbh. It woulda sucked just as much if you hadn't had the moniker "football" after your name. Tbh killed a lot of my confidence for a while, but I got it back after successfully entering War mode. 


A Pandemic hits, shit hits the fan, and our fall football season gets canceled. After 15 years of full-contact football, I won't get my senior rose (I know many more had it much worse, not complaining). The Pandemic resulted in such a large amount of loss in so many ways to so many people I can't even comprehend how to address it adequately in the scope of this blog. Sorry if it feels like I'm brushing over and being insensitive. 

It's March 2020, remote classes and having to leave campus presented a unique opportunity to go back to something I loved doing, working on PMT. 

Big Cat, PFT, and Hank have always been super supportive of me going to school, and I am very grateful for the opportunity they have given me and their immense patience throughout the years. I have always had a foot in both worlds and am very ready to be all in finally. I want to thank them extensively. 

Going to find a definite start date after I move out of the Berzerker Barn because the bats in the roof have come out of hibernation. Don’t forget the Berserker blood cult. There still is a nationwide blood shortage. Donate blood. This whole year was crazy, man. I was fat as hell preparing for the apocalypse because who knows if Corona would turn into zombies. I lost 30 lbs from my peak Belly Football quarantine in March into fighting shape 11 months later. Ketosis man, gets it done. 

Lastly, I would like to thank every AWL, Stoolie, and everybody because, without all of y'all, the post-grad real world would be a lot scarier. No more excuses. I won't let y'all down.

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