Fernando Tatis Jr. Returned From The Covid-19 List And Immediately Became The Most Entertaining Man On The Field

He's back and better than ever. Fernando Tatis Jr. returned from the Covid-19 list in time for today's game and showed us he's feeling okay. 0-0 game in the 4th when Tatis stepped up to the plate and what does he do? The thing he is best at, launching a homer. Right center and it was punished, absolutely destroyed. He knew it too because he posed and stared at it for a few seconds. He saw Ohtani having all the fun and wanted back in, hard to blame him. But the home run wasn't the first thing that caught our attention this game.

Tatis Jr. stole second early in the game and hit us with a full on split. Sliding into the base he had to use his right foot to basically anchor himself to the bag and not over slide it. No clue how he was able to hang onto the bag but he did it. Looked super painful and I could feel my hamstrings popping just watching him do that. He sure as hell wasn't going to be called out if they reviewed it and he popped off the bag for a split second. This pretty much sums up his game, the second he steps onto the field he's electric and must see. He brings the electricity and energy to the Padres, hard not to be excited when you see him on field.