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If I Could Play One Game For The Rest Of My Life It Unquestionably Would Be Minecraft

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I wish I was trolling, but Minecraft is a timeless gem and it deserves some respect!

It all began with a Ninja Tweet -

Here at Gametime, we stan Ninja. I might have even joined him in his infamous "Floss" clip on NYE of 2018.

All jokes aside, Ninja revolutionized gaming forever and brought gaming into the mainstream media. One of his most notorious moments was playing Fortnite with Drake and Travis Scott in March of 2018.

The question Ninja posed of "If you could only play one game for the rest of your life what would it be?" is a phenomenal question. I'm someone that has dug THOUSANDS of hours into individual games (like Warzone where I clocked 1200+ hours this past year alone). So, to say I have a little experience in the art of gaming is a good basis (I mean it's my full-time job at this point).

My stance (and I know I'll get roasted for this) - there has never been a game like Minecraft where you can bend the entire world to your creative mind. Aside from being a fun survival game, it's also extremely relaxing to build a full village or a mansion that only your wildest dreams could imagine.

Aside from the building aspect, you can go days on end just mining materials and exploring the caves within your world. For this reason, there isn't a game out there that captivated me like Minecraft. Over time, it has become meme-like with Roblox where it's only for little kids, but if you haven't played it, I strongly recommend giving it a shot. Making a server with your friends is extremely fun and a good way to access your creative side.

Back in the day, some of the most fun streams I had with my community was Minecraft Monday. Any followers/subscribers would be able to join the server and build whatever they pleased. Ultimately, I had to cancel Minecraft Monday because some lunatic burned our whole village. RIP in peace. Actually, it's kinda hilarious looking back at it, but my point is you never know what you'll encounter is such an open world game.

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Also, I went live on Twitch to play Warzone with Smitty and WSD! Watch the VOD here: