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Seattle Should Float Out Of America Because Its Trash

First of all Seattle should be the state, nobody says they are going to Washington. Then you get people confused with Washington D.C. but thats besides the point. I started vlogging to show you guys much more of my personal life and how my day to days are. I started off in Seattle for the Barstool Classic and I hated every second of it. I mean they have a wall with just peoples chewed up gum. That's just unsanitary but that leads me to a very good thought that I legit just thought of. I know we don't want to be sticky like gum but gum last forever. However they are making these sticks of gum there has to be something in it that we can use to make things last forever. Also come to think of it what building are these suckers putting their gum on. Does rent go down because it is being vandalized by these hooligans? Regardless, my Youtube will have a new video dropping every week.      

Editor's Note: I mean I'm doing the best I can here. You should've seen this paragraph *before* it was "cleaned" up. I don't know what the gum wall is, why it came up, the sticky tangent, none of it. Is Riggs traveling the country with a wall of chewed gum? Classic Riggs.