Minihane Makes Tournament Debut Against Undefeated Team (The Dozen: Trivia Tournament pres. by High Noon Round 2, Match 7 Preview)

Tonight, at 7|6c on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and, The Dozen: Trivia Tournament presented by High Noon resumes as Round Two roars on as 2-seed Team Minihane takes on 7-seed The Misfits. You can watch on all of those platforms, and if you're watching on YouTube, set a reminder below:

The first Top 4 seed with a bye to play, 1-seed Frank & the Frankettes, already lost, will the fate be the same for 2-seed Team Minihane? Or will they continue to dominate their competition?

The numbers on Kirk are crazy. He is the best player in the league, and his niche category of Golf is nearly unbetable. Nobody has ever scraped a point off of him. They also add Rico Bosco, who fills in a blind spot that Team Minihane has with College Basketball and College Football.

Meanwhile, 7-seed The Misfits have never lost, with a solid 3-0 record to open up their trivia club's history. Can they keep the run going? Or are they out of gas after their ass-kicking of 10-seed Nightmare?

How does the road to the Championship look for these two teams?

With the number-one overall seed gone, 2-seed Team Minihane is officially the best team remaining in the Tournament.

Here is the schedule for the whole Tournament:

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See everyone tonight at 7|6c!