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World Class Entertainer Riot Ten Bought 60+ Happy Meals To Get Legendary Pokémon Cards

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Let's start from the beginning - yesterday, I got the chance to play Rocket League with DJ Riot Ten, aka Chris, and he's NUTS. I mean the dude is an absolute beast at Car Soccer and it was a pleasure to hop into his backpack.

Aside from being a gamer, he enjoys collecting Pokémon cards. McDonald's was running a promotion where if you bought a Happy Meal, you would get (1) Pokémon Card. Chris did what any sensible collector would do, asked if he could straight up buy the cards with no Happy Meal. Unfortunately, he couldn't, BUT he's dedicated to the craft. So, he purchased (60) Happy Meals. Now the real challenge with this purchase isn't the food, it's the (60) drinks that come with it. WTF do you do with (60) drinks!?!? No clue, but Chris' girlfriend was not happy.

This tweet is from 2016, so you know Chris didn't hop on the bandwagon.

From the Happy Meals, Chris got (15) Holographic Pikachu cards - therefore, I think the trip was worth it.

With all the leftover food, Chris drove to local homeless shelters and decided to give them to anyone that was hungry and in the mood for some chicken nuggets. Very solid move.

Riot Ten's Latest Song Dogma - Ready for War can be heard below.

Riot Ten will also be playing in first Lollapalooza this summer.

The VOD of yesterday's Rocket League stream with Riot Ten Music.