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No Chirp Cuts Deeper Than Hitting Someone With The Chicken Wing Flap

Hockey players are world renowned for having some of the craftiest chirps. Chirping is as much a part of hockey culture as flopping is to basketball. It's a skill, an art, and a way for players to gain a serious edge over their opponents. 

There are guys who put countless amounts of time and effort into skillfully crafting their chirps. Waiting for the exact right moment to let the exact right chirp fly to really get under a player's skin. But sometimes you need to go back to the basics. Sometimes you have to go back to your roots and breakout the schoolyard chirps that really cut the deepest. So enter Pat Maroon doing the chicken dance as the Florida Panthers head off the ice down 2-0 in the series after dropping both games at home. 

How do you respond to that? How do you come back? You can't. You just head back to the locker room and instead of trying to figure out how to turn this series back around, everybody is just concerned with what an annoying sack of shit that Fat Pat is. Not that we body shame around here but you know this was Q back in the Panthers locker room after that game. 

Kucherov just came back after sitting out the whole season and has 4 points in 2 games. But the biggest menace in this series is the fella who played 6 minutes last night. That's how you make a difference. That's why the Big Rig is back-to-back.