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Jayson Tatum Went Nuts And Dropped 50 Right On The Wizards Head

Brian Babineau. Getty Images.

Holy. Shit. 

Biggest game of the year. Season basically on the line because you know if they lost there's no way they beat the Pacers. What happens? Jayson motherfucking Tatum is what happened. How about a 50 piece right in your eyeball

What we witnessed tonight from Jayson Tatum was a pure masterclass. This is why I will always believe, because on any given night Jayson Tatum can turn into an unguardable force. Let's now not change the narrative that the Wizards stink on defense. They've been a top 10 defensive team basically since like February. Didn't matter. When Tatum is aggressive like this there's simply nothing you can do. He attacked, he hit threes, he got to the line (17-17!!!!!!!) and as we know when Tatum gets to the line he's dropping 50. 

But we should also talk about Kemba. Man oh man does he look great. Another 29 from him, the jumper looks pure, his quickness looks great, and his defense….was good. Like, more than passable good. We saw this team not fold in the second quarter where they went 7-24 and looked like things were slipping away. Instead they came out in the third quarter and punched first. Then in the ever stressful fourth quarter, they backed it up. What a fucking win. Do I give a shit that this was in the play in? Sure as shit don't. Not after the year we all lived through. 

So here we go. Bring on Brooklyn. It's not going to surprise me if people say they won't even win a game. Good. Let this team be the underdog with a healthy Jayson Tatum and Kemba Walker. They're already thriving in that role

AND they survived a Chuck guarantee

I'm choosing to believe that means something. Sure I'm willing to concede the ice cold Kool Aid is flowing rapidly through my veins and I'm going to just ignore that Rob got hurt for at least the rest of the night. Tonight the Celts showed what can happen when they play to their potential. 

Enjoy the night, enjoy the highlights, we'll regroup in the morning. Cheers!