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Greg Amsinger Told Dan Plesac They Weren't On The Air So Plesac Decided To Drop A Nice F Bomb Live On MLB Network

MLB Network is easily the best sports network on TV today, it's not even close. The guys they have on MLB Tonight that bop around from game to game are the best. Every night it's something entertaining and last night we saw why. We had Tom Verducci, Greg Amsinger, and Dan Plesac at the desk last night and they got to talking about Reggie Jackson since it was his birthday. Plesac starts to tell the story about that is how he knew he made it was when he saw Reggie in the box and Amsinger tells him "we're not on air". They all start laughing and Plesac keeps his story going, drops a nice little "god damnit" and then keeps telling the story and goes "Fucking Reggie" and Amsinger just keeps it rolling acting like they really aren't on air. 

They say how Greg owned Jackson in his career and he shoots it down. He really had no clue they were on air! I blame Greg Amsinger 100% for this F bomb! I understand the phrase "any mic is a live mic" and you have to treat it as that, but how was Plesac supposed to know he was getting messed with! No one knew that was where he was gonna go with the story either, not like he was loading up for a big dirty joke cuz he thought they were off. Have to just laugh it off and move on, he did nothing wrong here. This was about the best case scenario you could have in a situation like this. Not like it was anywhere close to as bad as the last time an MLB announcer was caught on a mic. The guys joked with Plesac later asking for his opinion on something and he said "on mic or off", glad to know there isn't some network exec writing up a press release apologizing for the language tonight, who the fuck cares. 

I never understood why this was a big deal on TV. We say this word everyday, we hear it everyday. Why is it a big deal to hear it on TV? I think it's hilarious, but people get mad when it happens. Like who cares? It's hilarious to me. Why is it shocking when we hear it come out of a TV? It's the same when a teacher in school says a curse word. Your body can't process why the word "FUCK" is coming out of your TV screen, it's perfectly fine in movies and on premium channels but why not on MLB Network? I think we need to normalize f bombs live on TV. Free the F bomb! Let Dan Plesac yell "FUCK" as many times as he wants on MLB Network!