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Fan-Favorites Frank & the Frankettes Finally Make Their Debut (The Dozen: Trivia Tournament pres. by High Noon Round 2, Match 6 Preview)

Tonight, at 7|6c on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Barstoolsports.com, The Dozen: Trivia Tournament presented by High Noon resumes as Round Two begins with 1-seed Frank & the Frankettes vs. 9-seed Generation XYZ. You can watch on all of those platforms, and if you're watching on YouTube, set a reminder below:

The 1-seed Frank & the Frankettes have not lost since October!

It's been a long road, but the last time 9-seed Generation XYZ played, they set massive records. After a huge start to the Tournament, do Large, Jake Marsh, & Vibbs have what it takes to take down the nearly-unbeatable Frankettes?

The niche category battle will be interesting, as 1-seed Frank & the Frankettes have the stone-cold category of World Capitals (they've never missed), while 9-seed Generation XYZ will have College Basketball, a blindspot for the Frankettes.

How does the road to the Championship look for these two teams?

Shit gets real after this round, as the winners will take on the winner of the heavyweight duel between 4-seed Big Screamin' Honkers and 5-seed The Experts. The road to a title is not easy, but first… someone has to win.

Here is the schedule for the whole Tournament:


…and make sure to get your merchandise for both teams:

See everyone tonight at 7|6c!