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Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Had The Perfect, Hilarious Announcement For Their New Docuseries On The Soccer Team They Bought Together

I know the term must watch is sacred around these parts, but this docuseries is going to be must watch. Hell, there wasn't even a teaser or anything. I just trust Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds to turn it to gold. Plus, it's going to be on FX which obviously has ties with It's Always Sunny. I hope it's like this. Give me real scenes, real stories but give me comedy too. Basically just be Ted Lasso but, you know, real. 

It's still insane to me that Van Wilder and Mac own a soccer team. I love it. Remember, Wrexham - a Welsh soccer club - was actually owned by fans. Those fan owners were the ones who had to vote on letting Mac and Reynolds take over the club. Absolute no-brainer. The moment they said they wanted to drink with fans I would have voted yes right away. Wrexham just became the coolest club in the entire world. I'm ready to buy a Wrexham jersey. I'm looking into buying a TV package to where I can watch Wrexham. We gotta support this club to make its way up the ladder and into the EPL. What would be better than Reynolds and Mac getting to the Premier League? Especially when they are dropping this show and have lines like wanting to drink with fans and turn Wrexham into a power house. 

Fans are clearly behind them and they've put money into the transfer market already

But back to this announcement. This was the perfect way to do it. Just a bunch of jokes mixed in with the humor that always hits. This line was mean though. 


Feel like Blake Lively and Dee put this one in. Then the lines at the end with Deadpool and It's Always Sunny beating a dead horse. It sounded like a scene out of It's Always Sunny! I swear I watched that episode last season. Honestly, I hope there's a way they can mix in a joke about Wrexham in the new season of It's Always Sunny - a show I hope never ends. It can beat a dead horse all it wants, give me 50 seasons. 

Need these guys to make an appearance during the show: 

Wrexham is currently in 5th in the National League, which means they are currently qualified for the playoffs. Step 1 to world domination baby.