Lacrosse Is Now One Step Closer To Being In The Olympics After Just Inventing A New Version Of The Game. The Future Is Here

One of the biggest things that's been holding lacrosse back from being an Olympic sport is there are already way too many different versions of the game being played. First off you have field lacrosse and box lacrosse, which are essentially two completely different sports. And then when you're talking about men's field lacrosse and women's field lacrosse, they're also two completely different sports. Even if you're just talking about boy's/men's field lacrosse, there are some major differences from high school to college to professional to international. I'd imagine that I spend more time in lacrosse than anybody reading this blog right now and even I get confused sometimes about which rules are being used at which level. 

So how do you fix the problem of having too many different versions of the sport to get it in the Olympics?

Create a new version of the sport, of course. 

So here is World Lacrosse Sixes. Which basically just looks like outdoor box lacrosse with a field goal. 6v6, no offides, everybody plays offense and defense, shorter field, and from the looks of it no longpoles. Honestly it seems like the perfect version of lacrosse for all of us washed up beer leaguers. 

Now there are for sure some issues with this new version of the game. For starters, there are gonna be like a billion goals. 30 second shot clocks on a shorter field with no poles? Each team is putting up 20 goals a game minimum. A little too much for my liking. Also getting rid of the faceoff after goals makes sense for keeping the play moving and everything but the first goalie who gets their chinstrap buckle stuck to the net while fishing out the ball after getting dunked on is going to look like a total asshole. 

Either way, finally having one universal discipline of the sport to send to the 2028 Olympics is a big move. 7 more years to keep developing the game a little. But when all of you clowns laugh at lacrosse being the "sport of the future", just know that the future will be here before you know it. 7 years from now is when it starts to take over the world. That gives the PLL enough time to keep driving numbers up here in North America. And then once international fandom starts to take off? We're looking at lacrosse players raking in that Ronaldo money. Sure would hate to be a hater today.