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Kwame Brown Wants Stephen A. Smith To Meet Him In Seattle So He Can 'Slap Him So Hard It Looks Like There's A Toupee On The Front Of His Head'

I'm not exactly sure how Kwame Brown knows the ins and outs of combat law in Seattle, but I do know when someone throws that out there you stay the hell out of Seattle. You don't even go to the Pacific Northwest. Can't take the risk of a wrong turn and ending up near Seattle where Kwame is waiting to - and I quote - slap you so hard, it'll look like there's a toupee on the front of your head. That's a threat you simply don't fuck around with. That's especially true when the man threatening you is 6'11" and around 300 pounds. If they want to rearrange your hairstyle, you know they mean business. 

In case somehow you've missed it, Kwame Brown has been pretty damn heated the past couple days ever since Gilbert Arenas went on All The Smoke and essentially said MJ ruined Brown. Claimed MJ broke his spirit to the point where Kwame couldn't even play anymore. Put out this seven minute rant in response: 

He's gone back and forth with Barnes and Jackson and now has his sights on Stephen A. Smith. 

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And this is some pent up anger from this rant nearly 20 years ago by Stephen A: 

I want Stephen A to respond, I really do. But, uh, how do you respond to that? The only response you can have is showing up to Seattle and I advise Stephen A. not to do that. What are you going to do? Call him a bust again? Kwame has heard that for decades now. He still made a shit ton of money, so it's not like he completely lost in the game of basketball. There's just no response for Stephen A here unfortunately. Again, if someone knows a specific city's combat laws it's best to avoid the situation. If there's one thing you takeaway from this blog it's that.