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Nashville Reopened This Weekend And It Was A Party Like You've Never Seen Before, Here's The Best Of The Best From The Police Scanner

News 5 Nashville- Nashville Mayor John Cooper stopped by NewsChannel 5 This Morning as the city prepares to lift all of its remaining capacity restrictions on Friday.

Beginning at midnight Friday, there will be no restrictions on gathering size or business capacity in Davidson County.

May 14th marks six weeks since the vaccine became available to all adults in Nashville. Health officials said six weeks corresponds to the time needed to reach full immunity from the slowest of the three available vaccines.

Cooper called it "a huge day for the city" and said Nashville is "open for business." "We’re finally at the other end of all this COVID era," he said.

The shackles were off this weekend in Nashville. For anybody that's been there, and to lower Broadway in general, you know its a rowdy fucking place. One of the few places that doesn't care what the occasion is either. It could be a regular old Tuesday in April and the place is up for grabs like its New Years Eve. Amateurs everywhere. Girls crying on sidewalks, people puking in every direction, guys trying to fight bouncers. Place is a zoo. 

And with the restrictions lifted on Friday, Nashville made sure to live up to its reputation. 

Let's go to the scanner.

Friday Afternoon

The first passed out person of the weekend. 2:35pm. On Jason Aldeans' rooftop. Not a good look lady. Nobody likes the person that passes out inside the bar. At least take your ass outside and do it sitting down, leaning against a building, or in an uber. Amateur hour indeed.

This guy. Can somebody accustomed to this explain please?

Lot of horny people on this thing. Mainly that old guy in the tie-dyed tee shirt gyrating and dry humping that rail. Take it easy pal, its 3pm. You got a long night ahead of you. Shoulda rubbed one out before you left the house you heathen.

Honest question, does anybody like "crotch rocket" motorcycles? The Ruff Ryders were the only people to ever look cool on these things. Why do they even sell them? Seems like they're for people who can't afford Harley's or just like to annoy people.

The second passed out person of the weekend. 8pm. Definitely started way too early. Probably had a few too many at the airport bar, started to fade on the plane but landed and went straight to the Tootsie's bar in the terminal and reloaded with a few jamo shots. Second wind when they hit Dierks Whiskey Row at 4pm and powered through til the wheels fell off around 8 while searching for food. We've all been there. 

Going to a long weekend for this person.

Not a good look Uber drivers of Nashville. Act like you've been there before. First night officially "back" you can't be drinking and driving customers around. The entire reason people take Uber's is so they don't have to drink and drive. 1 star.

I feel this lady's sentiments 100%. If that makes me a pussy than so be it. The first night we're able to let people enter maskless at Uproar and not have to have security hound them for walking to the bathroom without one on I know I'm going to have tears in my eyes. This year has been hell. Fucking hell. Knowing, finally, that we are through it is going to put me in a true glass case of emotions.

Giphy Images.

Get off my lawn!

Easy pal. The CDC said we can live again. Nobody is saying fuck them anymore.

Between traffic being so rare and bar hopping being non-existent the last year, everybody's been out of the game on jay walking and the rust is real. Everybody take it easy with trying to beat the green lights, and if you're in a car be sure to look extra long at intersections because the people lower in our gene pool will be darting across streets more frequently. 

If the Fire Department gets called on account of you being so fucked up from drinking the rule is you can never drink again. You're never living that one down so just do us all a favor and throw in the towel. Take up drugs or something else. Drinking was never your game.

They're dropping like flies. We're not even at midnight yet.

So drunk that you need help from the police AND fire departments but you aren't able to tell them where you are. Don't judge, we've all been there.

Not even mad at this 47 year old guy as much as I am at his friends. They definitely left this go solo to go chase some tail or take home some slam pigs. Otherwise this doesn't happen. Don't be a shitty friend and leave your weakest link alone to pass out at the bar and get the cops called on him. Get him home safe before you go balls deep in some 4. 

Now you know we're 100% back. I can't remember the last time I saw a fight that wasn't at a Spirit Airlines gate. Fighting takes physical altercations and shit talking and having to stay confined to a chair and have a mask on kind of prohibits either of those from happening. Nature really is healing.

You gotta respect Tony LaRussa's dedication to get from Guaranteed Rate Field to downtown Nashville in such impressive time. Respect.

Another one.

Uh oh. Hopefully it's not another shit show like last week.

False alarm. He's good. Game on.

The true sign Nashville is back. Bachelorette party trains everywhere you look. 

One hot chick with 9 of her busted friends all bedazzled in shirts letting you know why they're hot shit. Scottsdale, Vegas, and Austin love to tell the world they're Bachelorette Party USA but the title will always be Nashville's.

Looks like a semi-busy Saturday night

Poor EMTs. Just trying to help this imbecile and he's trying to fight them. I remember my first beer.

I fucking love this guy

If anybody in our Nashville contingency knows this pussy magnet please hit me up with his contact info. Need to do a Nashville tourism video with him.

There's no coming back from this one Kevin. Having your mom call the police to find your drunk ass needle in a haystack. Pathetic.

Congratulations Nashville. It was a hard year but you made it through, here's too a hell of a summer!