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Surprise, Ariana Grande Got Married This Weekend

Ariana Grande is a married woman, because TMZ has learned she tied the knot this weekend.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... the wedding went down at her home in Montecito ... which you might also know as Oprah country.

We're told there was no real ceremony and few guests.  She and her fiance, Dalton Gomez, said their "I dos" in an informal way. It was really just for them. It's unclear how long they planned to do it this way -- in other words, whether it was impulsive or not.

Second time's a charm for our girl Ariana! It's always nice to see an engagement actually turn into a marriage, and it seems like Ari's found her man. Dalton Gomez, who is random and not in the spotlight at all, but rumored to be very well connected and have a lot of mutual friends with Ariana. Cool, awesome, good for them.

Do I care? Not really. There's nothing exciting about this. I love a good story full of drama, and this is tame as hell. Secret wedding to someone she loves, snooze. I guess we'll just have to think about Ariana happily married, 69'ing her way into bliss for the rest of her life.