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If You've Never Heard Adam Levine Cover Chris Cornell's 'Seasons' Before, Change That Today

(Performance Starts at 2:15)

The Howard Stern Show finally uploaded one of the finest covers ever done on the program to their YouTube channel this week, which is an Adam Levine performance of 'Seasons' by Chris Cornell. James, Jesse and Sam from Maroon 5 are backing him up on guitar as well.

This was performed shortly after Chris' passing, and was even done by Adam at the Chris Cornell Tribute Show: 'I Am The Highway', which I think blew a lot of grunge fans away at the time....

Truly a case of never judge a book by its cover there - just because Levine has spent his career on the top of the pop charts it don't mean he doesn't have some serious, SERIOUS talent in him - and he practically shows it every time he's on Stern, as well! 

It's must be his SuperBowl or something, because ironically, the performances are always WAAAY better than the one he gave at the actual SuperBowl....

There's a 'Purple Rain' tribute to Prince, which is ballsy enough as it is, and then its followed up by a tribute to Maroon 5's longtime manager who had just recently passed as well. Combine the emotion of these moments with the talent of Levine (and the sound mixing of Stern's engineers) and you've got a couple classics on your hands.

If you're one of the few who haven't gone down the Howard Stern performances rabbit hole on YouTube by now - do yourself a favor and jump in! There's a really great mix of new/old on the channel as well, so I'm sure you'll find something you dig in there….