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The Marlins “City Connect” Jerseys Are A Certified 15/10

Oh baby!!!! Look at these new ”City Connect“ jerseys by the Miami Marlins. Much like the Red Sox unis a few weeks back these have 0 resemblance to anything the Marlins have ever worn, and I love it. I do think the Marlins have a nice uniform kit, especially their throwbacks, but these are fantastic. They are paying homage to the “Cuban Sugar Kings” which was a Triple-A team that win a Junior World Series Championship in 1959. They’re gonna wear these starting May 21st against the Mets and a few games a year until 2023. I love them, I think they are very clean looking, not flashy, not weird bright colors, just a nice red and blue. The patch with the crown is tough too. I’m a huge fan of the hats too, the Marlins and Nike did a really good job here. Finally Jeter does something right. 15/10 for these bad boys, nice way to honor Cuba and look damn good doing it. The red and blue go so well together, they should just keep these permanently. Wouldn’t get a complaint out of me. The red “Chisholm“ jersey is gonna be all over Miami this summer.