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Washington's Softball Team Was So Pissed Off About Its Seed In The NCAA Tournament, They Straight Up Walked Out Of The Selection Show

I have no idea if this is justifiable or not, I just know it's fucking hilarious. Washington all pissed they got the 16 seed, walk out. Live on ESPN2 as well. It's not like this was closed circuit TV, just a perfect walk out. What this does is show we're really past the stage we were a year ago. A year ago when we were just happy to watch sports. Not anymore. 'You ranked us 16th instead of 13th? Fuck you.' - Washington softball team, basically. 

I don't even care to do research to see if Washington should have been a better seed. It's not important to me. What's important to me is sports are petty again. Sports are at its best when there's pettiness and hate and animosity and rivalries. So if Washington is now going to have a rivalry with the NCAA count me in. Fuck the NCAA. 

I think what makes me laugh even more is this isn't a UMBC situation. They aren't a bottom-16 seed. Oh no, they are legit the 16th best team in the rankings. They have to be in the same path as No. 1 Oklahoma, sure. But you gotta beat good teams to win a title. I just can't stop laughing at a team fucking walking out on a selection show. Show absurd, so hilarious.