The Best Highlight From An Incredible Weekend Of Sports Was This Massive 15 Car Pileup In The European Go-Kart Championships

It was a great weekend in the world of sports. We had 3 out of 4 Stanley Cup Playoff games yesterday go to overtime. Steph Curry clinched the NBA scoring title. There was the first round of the NCAA Lacrosse tournament. Sam Houston won the program's first ever FCS National Championship. The Preakness. I'm sure there was probably baseball being played at some point. Overall it was a jam packed weekend in sports. 

And the best moment of them all?

You could tell it was going to be great right from the get go. You saw the one kart start to lose control at the very beginning of the clip, you saw the speed the rest of the karts were working with heading into that turn, and you figured you were in for a nice little 5-6 kart pileup as a treat. And then they all just kept crashing, and crashing, and crashing some more. Pretty sure I counted at least 13 karts end up in the wall there. As if whoever was in last dropped 20 banana peels at that turn just knowing that they'd wreak havoc and chaos on everybody in front. Such a savvy vet Mario Kart move. Hang out in last, create chaos, pull off the massive comeback on the final lap. Beautifully executed. 


And just in case anybody forgot, professional karts ain't no joke. You thought you had some rage when your shithead friend took the shortcut at Wario Stadium? These guys have all that same gamer rage but instead of launching their controller into the wall, they're throwing bumpers at each other on the track. 

It's like WWE for NASCAR. Like you know that nobody is going to get seriously injured but that's what makes it so fun to root for the chaos to erupt.