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An Undrafted Rookie Showed Up For Falcons Tryouts ... Slight Problem, He Was Only There Because He Was Catfished By Someone Pretending To Be A Coach

I'll admit my first reaction to this story and basically everyone reading this will have the same first reaction: 

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But then I realized you're talking about a kid fresh out of college dealing with text messages. At first glance I assumed Twitter was involved here. Everyone knows that's where catfishes start. Sure, he probably could have called or had his agent really look into it. There are two people in this world that are the easiest to catfish. College kids and boomers. They are basically the same just with two wild different uses of social media and technology. 

Don't believe me? Can I remind you about the greatest catfish in Barstool history. 

If Juantarius Bryant is going to bounce back from this he needs to get on the horn with the Double Vodka Don ASAP. Look at where Big Ev is from that Catfish. Call Big Ev and Bryant would be a starting DB by week 8. No doubt about it in my mind. 

Bryant does have a point here. Who the hell catfishes a dude into thinking he has a tryout for the NFL? That's just … mean. That's the only way I can describe it. Also feel like if that happens you should be able to pinpoint who you've pissed off. Maybe a quarterback you intercepted a bunch. Perhaps a WR you locked up. 

Anyways, best of luck to Bryant. I hope he catches on somewhere. You gotta bounce back from a catfish plus the sweet handle of 'TheyLoveMyHair'. That's just a good name. That would be a strong AIM name. Could see him rocking an AIM profile with a catfish joke in it.