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I Think Logan Paul Is Slowly Winning Me Over After Watching Him Smoke 4 Of The Gronk Boys

Yahoo - Paul took on a different Gronkowski brother in each round. He faced Glenn in the first, Chris in the second, Dan in the third and Gordie in the fourth. None of the Gronkowski's performed particularly well, and it didn't even look like Paul was going full speed. Rob Gronkowski seemed to notice this, and quickly broke up fights when it became clear Paul had the upper hand.

Following the bout, Rob Gronkowski said he was entertained. He gave credit to his brothers for getting into the ring against Paul, who has been training as a boxer for months.

Paul's boxing skills will be tested June 6 against Mayweather. After losing to fellow YouTuber KSI in 2019, Paul is taking a major step up with Mayweather, who is considered one of the best boxers of all-time.

I've never really been for or against the Paul boys. The suicide forest thing was really tone-deaf but I got it. Youtuber's and people that make a living off social media will do anything for attention. The boxing thing seemed like a joke at first but they've clearly dived in headfirst and bought in 100%. 

Logan's been training his ass off non-stop for three years now and it shows. He stood shoulder to shoulder with 5 of the bigger, more cut, people I've ever seen in my life and fit right in. Guy is shredded. And he handled them pretty easily. I hit them up after this and Gordie said the biggest surprise was how fast he was. I thought Chris Gronk was going to put him on his ass but nope. Just further evidence that kill beats size every time. (Which is really bad news for Paul going against an undefeated legend who might be the greatest technical fighter of all time)

I know the Gronks aren't professional fighters, but neither is he. And before you jump all over me for thinking I think this means he stands a chance against Floyd, let me stop you right there partner. He doesn't. But this was still impressive to watch and he seemed the most tolerable I've seen him pre, mid, and post-fight. 

Yes I'm buying the fight on June 6th.