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A Stoolie Just Won The $65,000 #DDTG Jackpot Thanks To One Of The Most Insane Stock Market Closings Of The 21st Century

First things first if you read the headline you know that a Stoolie is $65,000 richer today than he was yesterday thanks to the Play Barstool app. What you may not know is that the contest was completely free to enter and inside the Play Barstool app we have other contests for Spittin Chiclets (Jackpot up to $17,500 and 3 hours left to enter) 

+ Stool Streams (Me vs Jake Marsh rematch on Thursday) & Rough n Rowdy when we do RNR broadcasts. Download the PlayBarstool app now 

Today around noon I checked my Play Barstool App livetracking to see if there was anyone in contention for the #DDTG jackpot and saw there was a user named TheBooty who was 6/7. When I clicked into his profile to see his picks I saw that he was 6/6 on guessing which stock out of 4 would have the highest % increase and all he needed to get right was the exact price of $AAPL when the market closed, his guess was 127 and at the time I checked the stock price was 126 meaning he had a very real chance at winning the whole damn thing.

Fast forward to about 3:30 when I check back to see how TheBootys picks were doing. I am going to use screenshots to try and tell this story but it may be somewhat hard to follow so bear (bare?) with me. Keep in mind these are the official rules of the contest

At 3:30 with 30 minutes to go he was right on target 127.37 which rounds down to 127

A stoolie following along essentially told me was gucci cause it was Friday

Then at 3:55 things took a serious turn for the worse as the price spiked above 127.50

It seemed like everytime I refreshed the price was going up and up and the $65,000 dream was going to blow up right in front of TheBootys face

Then a miracle happened. At the very last minute the stock tanked and when the market closed & the dust settled $AAPL shares closed at $127.45. The Booty had done it! Myself and the people who were following along with me on twitter went absolutely nuts

Just another example of why stoolies are truly the best. No one I just posted knows or has ever even met "TheBooty" but they spent their Friday afternoon refreshing the $AAPL stock price because they were rooting for a fellow stoolie to win $65,000 and that's what its all about. 

$65,000 is a life changing amount of money this guy just won from a contest that costs $0 to enter and it takes less than 60 seconds to make picks. You can shit on Stool Streams and the Play Barstool app all you want but if you aren't taking the time to enter picks, you my friend are the true sucker. Someone won $2000 from Stool Streams yesterday. Chiclets contest is up to $17,500 right now, download the app, make picks and hopefully get paid.

Giphy Images.

PS - If you won $65,000 at 4pm on a Friday what are you doing this weekend to celebrate?