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Congrats To Conor McGregor For Topping The Forbes Highest-Paid Athletes List, Earning $180Mil Last Year

They call him Mystic Mac for a reason - he says it, and then he does it! 

Earning a whopping $180mil (largely thanks to the sale of his majority stake in Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey for an estimated $600 million), Conor McGregor made more than any athlete in the world from May 2020-21. This puts him atop the Forbes list he has been fascinated with for so long now at #1, which was very publicly a career long goal of the former plumber's apprentice.

There's something to be said about the confidence he's had about achieving this for years now….

I mean, Conor McGregor looked Cristiano Ronaldo dead in the eyes just THREE YEARS after getting off welfare checks and told him that he'd soon me making more than him. Just to contextualize that a bit - this is a cagefighter from Ireland talking to one of the most famous athletes on the entire globe - a footballer. Ronaldo probably thought he was on fucking shrooms or something….and then Conor just went and did it a few years later like it was nothing. Couple fights and a thriving whiskey company later, and BOOM - take a seat Ronaldo!

It might've taken a year where basically no sports were played - but you can never take that #1 ranking away from him!