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I Love Kawhi Refusing To Do His Iconic Laugh For Some Loser, Making The Guy Tell Him A Joke Instead

I don't care, I love Kawhi. I love everything about him. His game, his weird tendencies, how he might be a robot and now more importantly, this. You don't tell Kawhi to do his laugh. You also don't ask Kawhi for a picture when he clearly has somewhere important to be. That's a determined man just to get out of the street and sit down somewhere. But this? This isn't the Kawhi I expected. I assumed he'd just go head down, not make eye contact and keep trekking when someone asks for this laugh. 

Giphy Images.

The fact that Kawhi tells this guy to tell a joke is fair. You want Kawhi to do something, give him a reason to laugh. Have something ready to go. But this loser goes with 'I'm a bucket.' I'M A BUCKET? Bro, what are you doing? First off, that line is most synonymous with Tyler Herro, not Kawhi. Shocking, but they are two different people. Also that's not a fucking joke. At least make an effort to say something funny. So when Kawhi hits this dude with 'not funny' I found some new love for Kawhi. I didn't think he had that in him. 

So just be prepared when you see Kawhi. Don't be like this guy. Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.