Let's Grade The Oklahoma Governor's Performance On The Grill Under A PETA Billboard Calling Him A "Meathead"

KOCO - Eat Meat Week may be over, but Gov. Kevin Stitt's feud with PETA is still cooking.

Last month, PETA put up a billboard in Oklahoma City calling the governor a "meathead" because he declared the last week of March Eat Meat Week.

Stitt turned up the heat in response.

He went to the field and flipped burgers during a cookout right next to the billboard. Stitt said this was a way to show support for Oklahoma's agriculture industry and a way to poke back at PETA.

First off, I don't know if there's a single organization in the world who is respected less than PETA. Their entire existence is solely getting clowned on with every move they make. Second off, this is my kind of governor. A man who isn't afraid to man the grill and toss some meat on there. Always a fan of anybody who is looking to feed the boys. 

But I think we all know by now that politicians aren't perfect. Doesn't matter which side of the aisle you're on. They all have some flaws. Some more than others. And as far as Governor Stitt's skills on the grills are concerned? Well...let's just run the tape back a little. 

We'll start off talking about the steaks. To me it just looks a little too freestyle. He doesn't seem to have any sort of care for how he's placing those steaks on the grill. He's more or less just throwing them on there. Now I'm not saying that grill marks are the most important thing when it comes to grilling steaks. In fact, I think grill marks are actually worse for flavor because you should be looking to achieve that sear on the entire surface of the meat, not just in the spots where your grill grates are at. Which is why a cast iron is superior. But grill marks still look good, and you always eat with your eyes first. So Gov. Stitt just sloppily throwing these steaks on there is really going to hurt the overall appearance of these steaks in the end when those grill marks aren't at that perfect 90 degree angle. Also it looks like these bad boys were seasoned maybe just a few minutes too early.

These burgers are also a bit of a disaster. I know that when you're on the grill you're going to have this natural impulse to constantly play with the meat. It's that little caveman brain inside of you that can't contain itself. But he's flipping these burgers entirely too early. That's why you can see them sticking to the grill grates. You need to wait a little longer for some level of crust to form on the down side of the burger before you flip. Let a little caramelization happen before you start moving them around. Or if you're going to be quick on the flip, oil those grates first. But I promise leaving a burger on the grill for another couple of minutes won't hurt. Nobody really needs a medium rare burger anyway. 

Overall it wasn't a terrible performance, but it certainly wasn't great either. Enough to win a re-election? Potentially. But there's a ton of room for improvement, and hopefully Governor Stitts is reading this blog right now and taking the criticism constructively. Final Grade: C-. 

h/t Whiskey Riff