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Josh Naylor Went Into The Stands And Made An Insane Catch To Rob Top MLB Prospect Jarred Kelenic In His First At-Bat

Welcome to the big leagues, kid. Jarred Kelenic is one of the best prospects and baseball, came over from the Mets in the Robinson Canó and Edwin Diaz trade so Mets fans should probably just shield their eyes and ignore what Kelenic is going to do this year. He's a monster, he's going to hit the hell out of the baseball. First pitch of his first at-bat and he gets it off the end of his bat and lines it foul down the right field line. Looks like the ball may hook into the crowd and he'll get another chance to get on until Josh Naylor comes flying in. Naylor makes the catch barely in fair ground and proceeds to basically get his legs taken out by the halfway down there. Falls into the stands but catches himself and pops right back up. Throws the ball back in and he's ready to go again. Those plays right on the half walls are so tough, you see people alligator arm the ball because they don't want to get their knees blown out. Naylor just went balls to the wall, and up and over the wall for the catch. Hell of a play out there by Naylor.