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This Cat Just Jumped SEVEN Stories Out Of A Burning Building And Walked It Off Without A Care In The World

Hate on cats all you want but there's no other animal, dog or human, pulling this stunt off. 

You know this feline sat around cool as a cucumber waiting for its owner to show up and rush it out of this burning building until finally realizing nobody was coming. At which point it said "fuck it, looks like I'm jumping out of this bitch".

Seven story drop, hit the ground on the balls of its feet, said fuck “stop drop and roll”and just trotted off to go find some rats to eat like it was all a walk in the park. Boss shit.

p.s.- the CFD should take this cat in and name it Bumble after the abominable snowman in Frosty

h/t the Chicago Fire Department. Thank you and stay safe!