The Wolf of Wall Street Made Me Eat His Dick on Twitter

I’m just out here minding my own business and chatting with a few pals online and the next thing I know, the Wolf of wall street has his meaty and terrific penis halfway down my poor-boy mouth on a Thursday afternoon. It’s very unfair but well deserved.

Truth be known, I’ve never flown private. Hell, I don’t think I’ve flown semi private but I was looking forward to my first work trip in a while. I wanna hug Clem so bad! Now all of that is out the window seat because all I can think about is being poor in economy plus and begging for a bottle of water while my glasses are fogged up due to my improper mask wearing like I’m some sort of giant pussy just waiting to be fucked. Shoutout Micheal Bolton. I better get fucking upgraded. I have like 200k miles nbd. You don’t get miles flying private. So, I do kinda win. Nice.