TimTheTatMan Got A Warzone Cheater Banned Live On Stream

This could be the dawn of a new age in Warzone. TimTheTatMan, Courage and Cloakzy died to a hacker in Warzone and decided to spectate him for the rest of the game. Then, from the heavens above, the player "left" mid game. Immediately, Tim, Cloakzy and Courage go nuts and rejoice.

For those that aren't too familiar with the Warzone scene, this is a MASSIVE step in the right direction. Tim's emotion in this video is showcasing that we might finally be in a good place with Warzone where the developers are finally addressing the main problem of hackers. Up until this point, we have rarely seen any action being taken against cheaters, especially no action taken place immediately or mid-game.

Streamers and most players have been craving something like this since the start of Warzone. When I saw this video, I was fired up myself. This is a massive W for all Warzone gamers, let's just keep our fingers crossed that this keeps going. Please Raven Software, continue to proactively ban cheaters.