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The Knives Out 2 Cast Is Getting More Stacked By The Minute

"After playing a nosy neighbor with a secret in Marvel’s WandaVision, Kathryn Hahn looks to have found another fun role where the character may also be keeping some sort of secret. Sources tell Deadline, Hahn is set to join Daniel Craig in the next installment, which Netflix recently landed the rights too. Dave Bautista, Janelle Monae and Edward Norton were also recently added to the cast."

Knives Out was one of the sneaky best movies of 2019 (My personal #9 on the year). Whodunnits is a genre that has never really held a ton of sway for me, but this came out of nowhere and blew me away with great characters, smooth dialogue and a really smart plot. That's why I've been all in on this sequel ever since walking out of the theater after the original. In fact, Rian Johnson once read my potential title for a sequel (I'm at the :54 mark). 

 As cool as all these cast members are, he has not yet cast the missing link that I told him about. BRING IN GUY. He is your ringer and your glue guy (no pun intended) all in one. He peacocks so hard against that cast that he draws away focus from nefarious deeds happening in the plot. He offers you the easiest layup of a narrator if you need one. He has a cool car AND you know you no longer have to employ craft services on set. You know how much better your cast will perform with a belly full of donkey sauce vs a nature valley bar?

No matter what direction RJ goes, I'm excited to see our good cajun boy Benoit Blanc back in action. (btw you can stream the original on prime video).