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Manchester United Fans Blocked Liverpool's Team Bus Before Today's Match ... Except It Was A Decoy And Liverpool Showed Up On A Secret Bus

Here we go again. A couple weeks ago Manchester United fans stormed the field before a match to protest the Glazer family. 

Not exactly a secret that Manchester United fans fucking hate the Glazer family. They perceive them as American businessmen who are screwing up their club. They used the green and gold colors of the Newtown Heath, the original colors/name of what became Manchester United. Those colors are used to show defiance against the Glazer family. That game got postponed was against ... you guessed it. Liverpool.

Fast forward to today and there were expected protests. So what happened? Liverpool sent out a decoy bus that was their official team bus. Smart move because it got blocked on the road by Manchester United fans. 

They sent the team on a decoy bus! 

Genius. That's next level thinking. I can only imagine if something like this happened in America. It'd be front page news for weeks. I'm not talking just to sneak into an arena because it's hostile or not having to deal with fans. But because they know opposing fans are going to BLOCK the bus from even getting to the stadium. Shit, even Man U players showed up six hours early to avoid being blocked. 

Insane. It's been said numerous times, but there's nothing like European soccer fans. They are pissed off about the ownership and taking matters into their own hands. We just don't really see that here in America. We've talked about boycotting buying tickets and we sell shirts about selling teams. But we've never seen something this extreme. 

The match is getting ready to start as I type this, so they are all here. I just can't stop laughing at the thought of Liverpool getting together and brainstorming the idea of a decoy bus. It worked!