Credit Where Credit's Due, Jerry Jones Looks Like He's A Certified Bucket In Beer Pong

The Dallas Cowboys acquired the help of Post Malone to announce their 2021 schedule release. I wanted to hate this video going into it. I wanted to despise it so bad and for it to be the worst video produced in the past 25 years. Which is how long its been since the Cowboys have made it to a conference championship game. But truth be told...hate wasn't in my heart when I watched this video. In fact, I actually found myself to enjoy it a little. The idea of Jerry Jones and Post Malone being a couple of dudes and getting fucked up together all day is too good. I'm a hater of the Cowboys, sure. But I'll never hate the Cowboys more than I love the boys getting in one. 

And whilst watching said video, it occured to me that Jerry is actually pretty wet when it comes to beer pong. I mean he may not have the most conventionally pretty shot in the game. But the boy looks pretty damn efficient out there. 

First off, he's active on defense. A quality 2-way player. The exact type of thing you're looking for in a partner. You don't want a partner who is asleep at the wheel when the other team goes for a bouncer. And speaking of bounce shots, that looks like it's Jerry's specialty. Maybe it's out of necessity since he's too old and feeble to make a shot all the way across the table. But the trajectory on his bounce looks perfect to me. Huge defensive stop on one end of the table and immediately follows that up with 2 cups off the bounce? Honestly not what I was expecting to see on Jerry Jones' beer pong scouting report. 

So yeah. I wish I could hate this video but if anything, I came out of it with at least a little respect for Jerry. That old bag of bones may be a dickhead when it comes to football, but he's a bucket when it comes to pong. I can work with that. 

Go Birds.