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42-Year-Old Hotel Pool Crasher Claims She Got Arrested for Looking Too Damned Hot in Her Bikini

Source -  A Florida woman arrested on a disorderly intoxication charge claims the only reason the cops were called while she was at a hotel pool was that the manager saw her in a bikini and was “jealous that her body looked good,” according to the Ocala Police Department.

Records show the manager at the Country Inn & Suites spotted 42-year-old Melody Carr in her two-piece bathing suit at the hotel’s pool on May 3 and since she didn’t recall her ever checking into the hotel, she asked her for her room number. ...

Carr became “verbally aggressive,” said the officer needed to leave her alone and claimed that she wasn’t doing anything wrong but the manager at the hotel called the cops on her because she was “jealous that her body looked good,” according to the affidavit. ...

The officer watched as Carr jumped a fence to get to her white convertible Mustang and burned the tires as she pulled into a parking spot that was directly in front of the one she was in but located on the property of a gas station, according to the report. 

Police said the vehicle was stopped by the parking bumper because Carr couldn’t brake fast enough. ...

The officer went to confront Carr after she got back into her car and noticed her breath smelled of alcohol when she turned to yell, so she was placed in handcuffs, according to the report.

Power ranking the parts of this story that didn't need to be in the headline for you to know you'd find them in the details:

1. Melody Carr is an example of that storied archetype, "Florida Woman"

2. Alcohol was involved

3. The term "verbally aggressive"

None of which means Melody is not a victim. Discrimination against drunken, trespassing Florida MILFs based on their banging bodies is one of America's most underreported problems. It's a scourge that plagues hot 40-somethings from Jacksonville to Key West. Saucy mamas like the divine Ms. Carr get body shamed all the time. And their crime? Keeping it tight. Women like her don't retire the two-piece on their 40th birthday. They don't go shopping for bathing suits that flatter them; they look for suits that they flatter. And while their slimmed frame and toned abs should be their ticket into any hotel pool of their choosing, instead they get resented. Hassled by lesser mortals working behind the clerks desk for the minor crime of not renting a room from them. Like that should be a factor. 

Well I for one stand beside Melody Carr in her fight for justice. You keep doing you, sister. If we're ever going to stop the hatred of smokeshow matures in bikinis just out for little drunken swim in a place they have no legal right to be, it's going to take all of us to stand up for the rights of attractive ladies with nice bods to go wherever they want, whenever they want. Godspeed, my queen.