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The Starbucks Mobile App Rewards System Has A Major Flaw That Must Be Fixed

-One of life’s most suspenseful moments is when you wake up before your alarm in the morning and check your phone to see the time. Do you have an hour of sleep left? Or do you have 3 minutes of sleep left? 

-The idea of “main character syndrome” has been popular on the Internet lately. But people thinking they’re the protagonist in the story of life isn’t that crazy to me. You know what is sick? I not only have “main character syndrome” but I’m also convinced there’s a chance I might be the second coming of Jesus Christ. 

-When I’m walking down the street and want to see the person behind me, I’ll sometimes look in a store window and use that reflection to get a glimpse of them. This makes me feel like a CIA agent. 

-If I was a flight attendant, one fun game I’d play with myself is guessing if people in a row are together or just strangers, based on the interactions they have when I come around for food, drinks, and garbage. 

-I wish iPhones had a feature where you could see total stats for a group chat: when it was created, total messages, messages sent by each person, most used words, etc. It seems doable and would be pretty neat!

-I have a real problem with Starbucks rewards on their mobile app. A large hot coffee is $2.95 and you can get it for free using 50 reward stars. A small iced coffee is $3.25, but you need to use 150 stars to get it. I get that iced coffee might be more expensive to make but that’s a 30 cent price difference, and yet it’s 3 times the reward stars! I have 300 stars right now which can get me 6 hot coffees or 2 measly iced coffees! So I’ve decided I will not be using any reward stars during iced coffee season, compile the stars, and then use them for 50 star hot coffees and hopefully not pay for a coffee all winter. 

-When I’m listening to a new song that I don’t know the name of, I like to try to guess the title of it based on the lyrics and chorus. Sometimes I’m right. Sometimes I’m wrong. 

Thank you for your time.