Transfusion Thursday Merch Drop!

Folks, summer is upon us. It's right there. You can already feel it. The weather is getting nicer, the sun stays out longer, the birds are chirping a beautiful summer tune and golf courses are all opening up all over the country and that can mean only one thing: Transfusions. Many many many many Transfusions. And what better way to celebrate the return of #TransfusionSZN than to be rocking some Transfusion merch while drinking a Transfusion.

Check out all this awesome Transfusion

Go ahead and get yourself some of that fire merch. All that stuff is Peter Milar and, for anybody who doesn't already own a piece of Peter Milar clothing, it's simply the greatest golf apparel brand out there. No doubt about it. You will feel the BIG difference between your Peter Milar polos/quarter zips/belts and your old stuff as soon as you lay your hands on your first piece of Peter Milar clothing. That is a guarantee. 

It's time to golf and it's time to drink Transfusions and it's time to rock some Transfusion merch while you're out there.