Athletics' Rookie James Kaprielian's Dad Going Nuts For His Son In His First Career Start Was Awesome

What an awesome night for A's rookie James Kaprielian. Former first round pick of the Yankees, sent to Oakland in the Sonny Gray deal making his first career start in Fenway. Couldn't pick a better place to have your first start if you ask me. Had his family and friends fly in to Boston for the game as well, that includes his dad who was going NUTS in the stands watching his son. Guy wears his heart on his sleeve and how could you blame him? James has been through a ton on his way to the bump, injuries, the loss of his mother to breast cancer, you know his dad was going to celebrate every pitch, and he did.

I love that he was going wild and fist pumping with every strikeout his son threw. It must be such an awesome feeling to watch your son stand on a big league mound and have his way with opposing hitters, and in his first career start no less. Five innings, four hits, three walks, one run, and six Ks for Kaprielian as he got the win over the Red Sox. That for sure deserves a few fist pumps in the crowd from dad. The A's broadcast even got to a point where they were doing a splitscreen with Papa K on the left and James on the right. There wasn't a person in his section that he wasn't high fiving after Kaprielian's strikeouts. What an awesome night for their family, you know it wasn't an easy week with Mothers Day just a few days ago but now they have a reason to celebrate. His dad was having the time of his life in the stands while his son was awesome on the mound. What a cool night for them.