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We've Got An Ump Show At The Trop With Quite Possibly The Softest Ejection In Baseball History

It's been a BRUTAL start to the season for MLB umpires with terrible calls happening in almost every game. Some truly remarkable bullshit that players and fans have had to deal with as we try to watch some baseball. Remember this obstruction call? I still haven't stopped thinking about it. 

Well, Bill Miller is tonight's home plate umpire and he has been nothing short of a travesty for both teams. His strike zone is abysmal and he should be held accountable. This isn't new for Miller. He's up there with the worst and possibly approaching Angel Hernandez territory if he keeps it up. I'm not here to argue balls and strikes though, that's part of the game and like I said it's gone both ways tonight. What I am here to dispute is Clint Frazier getting ejected for this.... 

What the fuck could Clint have said? Like I'm genuinely curious, considering the calm manner Clint approached Miller what in the world could he have said to warrant getting tossed. There was almost not enough time to say anything hurtful or disrespectful in that time. It's almost like Miller knows he sucks balls and was waiting for one guy to say a word. That's such bullshit. Clint was upset sure but he didn't slam his bat or helmet in anger. He didn't even scream or have an outburst of any kind. All the man did was walk towards Miller and calmly dispute the call. If you can't allow that to happen in a Major League Baseball game then you simply don't deserve to be an umpire. Go to the minor leagues. Hell, head over to Williamsport if you're that soft. Fuck out of here Bill Miller. Ump show city, just make it all about them. Trash. Start disciplining these guys or it's just going to get worse.