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Fights Wont Stop Breaking Out Over Baseball Cards So Target Is Officially Suspending Selling All Cards In-Store

Sad, sad day for the sports card collectors coming up. Target announced that May 14th will be the last day you can buy MLB, NFL, NBA, and Pokemon cards in stores. The scary part is they are doing this for the safety of guests and their team workers. What kind of world are we living in where Target workers are scared for their health over sports cards?

Obviously with the hobby blowing up over quarantine they've had to adjust how and when you can buy cards. Over a year ago you could walk into your Target, find your box of cards and buy it. Hangers, blasters, cello packs, whatever they had you could get it.  Once it started getting more and more popular in quarantine Target and other big name stores started having to adjust when and where you buy their cards. Most Targets shifted to 3 of any items, then 3 different items, and as of last week most Target's only let you buy one single item per household and that could only happen on Fridays at 8 AM. I personally have witnessed people SCREAMING at Target workers because they got in line at 4 AM FOR CARDS. The lines got so bad that Target then banned people waiting in line early in the morning and camping out. It's gotten absolutely insane. The worst were the flippers, the grown men in sweatpants, flip flops, and t shirts with holes in them who would hang out by the card shelf for HOURS, I'm talking 8-10 hours a day hoping that the vendors would come that day. If they didn't come they'd pack up and go home. Do you know what kind of loser you have to be to wait around in the women's clothing section of a Target hoping that the cards are stocked that day?

So after a man was attacked by 4 others over sports cards in a parking lot in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Target said they were going to reevaluate their protocols for sports. Well they reevaluated and now people are seeing these signs pop up in their Target and a tweet was sent out from the @AskTarget verified account saying that they will no longer be selling cards in-store. 

It's absolutely crazy what this hobby has turned into. I've heard stories of customers stalking the vendors and restockers who physically put the cards on the shelfs, people faking Target and Walmart uniforms to gain access to the back room to steal cards, I've literally seen grown men go up to people in parking lots asking strangers to buy a box of cards for them because the store has the 1 box per household limit. And now with this person pulling a gun on the 4 people who tried to attack him it's gone way too far. People are going NUTS over cards, and the people who wait in line for 6-8 hours a day don't want the cards to open or give to their kids, they are flipping them and putting them online. These are the grown men who lie and say they're buying the cards for their kids, and it's BS. They buy as many as they can and put them all on eBay for 3 or 4 times the retail price. $20 box of cards? Cool, I'll sell it to you for $250. Insane. This is their job, they stand around for hours a day hoping that the cards get stocked that day. These flippers have single handily ruined this hobby. Getting cards online is possible but it's insanely hard because of the bots who scoop them all up the second they're released. Now that Target is no longer selling them it will make them very tough to find if you aren't paying the way over retail prices in local card shops. I'm sure Walmart will be next to pull the stock from their shelves too. It's getting dangerous to try and buy cards. It's a great hobby, I loved the openings we did with Dallas and Coley, which hopefully will come back at one point when there is stock out there and the MLB schedule winds down. It's very entertaining to watch others open packs and boxes of cards not knowing what the next flip will bring, breaks are HUGE online and so fun to watch. But the grown men who assault and bully others for sports trading cards is nuts. 

Just think about it, Target, one of the biggest businesses in the country had to stop selling BASEBALL CARDS because people tried to jump someone over them. What the hell is going on? All I want to do is rip some packs, pull an autograph, and half some fun. But the flippers and scalpers have ruined it for a lot of people. This is getting crazy, and people are super shitty for this. All to make a quick buck or two.