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Ohio's Governor Just Announced A Weekly Raffle Where A Vaccinated Citizen Will Win $1,000,000 Each Wednesday

I don't care what side of the aisle you fall on, this is awesome. Mike DeWine is calling off the health orders because the vaccine is so prevalent that anyone that wants it can get it. And to improve upon the 42% of Ohioans that have gotten the shot, he's raffling off a million dollars every Wednesday for 5 straight weeks. To be in the raffle, all you have to do is prove you've gotten the vaccine. This starts in two weeks, so time is a ticking for anyone that's been holding off.

I'll say his: some Ohioans are about to be real conflicted. Because I'd imagine the Venn diagram of people that consistently play the lottery and those who aren't getting vaccinated has to be pretty close to a perfect circle. 

But guys, we're talking about A MILLION DOLLARS here. Every week. A new millionaire. If you're one of the people on Twitter right now whining and crying about all the food banks we could've filled up with this money, I hate you. I don't know if this is tax money or federal funds or what, but I LOVE it. We've got ourselves a real life Willy Wonka situation on our hands. One of us is getting the Golden Ticket. Actually, five of us!!!

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And the fun isn't just for the adults either. Big Mike is handing out 5 full, four year scholarships to any 17 year old that takes the shot as well. 

A free ride to Ohio State? Folks, the question must be asked: which lottery would you rather win? I wouldn't trade my 4 years of higher education at THE Ohio State University (2015 National Champions) for a million dollars. The kids may be the real winners here.

But either way, ff I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: Ohio continues to be out in the forefront of all states when it comes to braincells. This is a genius idea. You want the people to get the vaccine? Just start raffling off millions of dollars. I expect the New Yorks, Californias, and Illinoises to follow suit here shortly.

I cannot believe we're going to have 5 covid millionaires. Talk about making lemons into lemonade. The livestream is going to be ELECTRIC.