Colton Underwood Says He Was Blackmailed Into Coming Out After Someone Snapped Pictures Of His Dick At A Men's Spa

Source - Colton Underwood is opening up about a lot of the chatter around his high-profile coming out, including how his first big interview with Robin Roberts appeared to brush past the stalking and harassment allegations levied against him by ex Cassie Randolph.

In a new interview with Variety, however, Underwood took a more direct approach -- though noted that, because of the agreement he and Randolph made, he still had to remain somewhat vague.

Underwood also revealed that his big coming out interview was sparked by a blackmail attempt, after he made a visit to a gay spa in Los Angeles "just to look" around. He said he received an email from someone claiming to have nude photos of him at the establishment, which he said he "should have never" went to in the first place. He told Variety he never saw the photos in question but the sender threatened to "out" him. After a conversation with his publicist, the decision was made to come out on his own terms.

Just to look? Just to look?!? 




I'm not going to get hung up on that because that's not the point of this blog, but I will say this...I don't believe him. I'll also say that getting outed stinks. Especially when you're so deep in the closet that you go on THE BACHELOR to hide your sexuality. I can't imagine how terrified he must've been when he got that call/email/text from someone saying they were about to expose him. I mean what do you even do at that point? Nothing. All you can do is sit there and stew. That or come out which wasn't an option for him at the time. 

That said, going to a gay men's spa while closeted and famous is setting yourself up for failure. I get that he was probably just horny but still, go on Grindr dude. Speaking of Grindr, here's what Colton had to say on that...

With his reputation as the "Virgin Bachelor" came a lot of questions about his past sexual experiences, something which was revived after he came out. He told Variety he has experimented with men in the past and had a Grindr account before his time on "The Bachelorette," but has only had "hookups."

"When I say 'hookups,' not sex," he clarified. "I want to make that's very clear that I did not have sex with a man, prior to that." He added that he's currently single and no longer has a Grindr account.

Tough life. Chances are his dick pic will eventually leak too. Oh well. Fingers crossed whoever it is gets caught. After all, it is a federal crime to leak someones pictures.

You can read Colton's entire interview with Variety here.