Zach Wilson's Mom Goes on Rants About Disney and Snapchat and 'Whores' and Needless to Say, I'm in Love

Meet Lisa Wilson, the proud mom of Zach Wilson, the latest in a long line of New York Jets quarterbacks/saviors. 

According to the internet, when her son came off the board with the second pick in the draft two weeks ago, Lisa had give-or-take 10,000 followers on the 'Gram. That number is now over 22,000. And you can be damned certain I'm one of them, thanks to her fabulous gift for hilarious and semi-profane, TV-17 rated rants like this one, directed at Disney for being hotter "than a whore in church" and for being "maskholes," which should go over great if her boy ever wins the Super Bowl MVP:

Not to mention how it will go over in NFL offices, given that Disney is one of their most important "broadcast parnters." 

Then she followed it up with this quick one-liner:

And this one, that in just over a minute touches on the culinary arts, parenting, the use of the word "dicks," etiquette and religion:

I defy anyone to show me any pro athlete's mom who's got this level of star quality. Lisa Wilson is sharp, funny, pulls no punches and seems to have already come into the NFL world doing pioneering work in the field of fucks and how to give zero of them. Plus as they say in television, the camera loves her. 

Zach Wilson is a bona fide elite QB prospect who should be good eventually if being on the Jets doesn't ruin him as it has so many others. But if he's done nothing else, he's already brought this fearless little spitfire into a league that could use more people like her. And for that, he's already accomplished more than any other rookie in the Class of 2021. 

So it's with a heavy heart that I read he's not as on board with Lisa's social media presence as I am:

That's a damned shame. He doesn't know what he'll be missing. But I know I am one instant fan who won't miss a thing.