WATCH: This Absolutely Insane Person Almost Gets Eaten by an Alligator

Look, I'll say what everybody else is afraid to: this guy deserved to get eaten.

Now, am I glad this certifiably insane person stood there in the face of a hungry killing machine because it helped me with my job? Yes. But if we're being objective, standing toe-to-toe with a gator who has a pretty disgruntled look on its face to get that viral shot instead of turning and sprinting the fastest you ever have in your entire life in the opposite direction is probably the wrong decision.

Once you have fallen to the ground walking backwards trying to maintain the camera on the alligator, it's time to get out of there. The most astounding part of this video is at the 0:44 mark, when this guy is about 15 feet from the gator and takes two or three steps CLOSER — which prompts the gator to charge at him again. What was the thinking there, chief? Just get out of there, dude.

Maybe I'm a bitch — I'm sure many in the comments would happily agree — but you're legitimately out of your mind to play chicken with an alligator in the Everglades. I feel like that's important to note, too. This gator didn't show up on the street in a neighborhood. You're on its home turf, pal. And I'd venture to say the home field advantage here is rather marked.

I guess I respect this guy for having balls of steel, but I stand by the fact that he should have been a gator snack. There's a point where being a tough guy goes too far.