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'Clearly I'm Not That Smooth Because Y'all Got Me' - A Real Quote By A Serial Bank Robber Named Mr. Smooth After Getting Arrested

[Source] - Salvador Abdul Jones, dubbed “Mr. Smooth” by LMPD Robbery Unit detectives, was taken into custody in Nashville on May 7. Police said he robbed several Louisville banks from April 2 to May 5.

Dean said Jones got his nickname because every victim they interviewed said he had a cool, calm demeanor, never appeared overbearing or threatening and the way he would leave never seemed in a hurry. Dean said Jones used demand notes to rob the banks.

Dean said he was informed of his nickname while being interrogated and responded, “clearly I’m not that smooth because you all got me.”

He's got a point here. Why dub him Mr. Smooth if he's going to get arrested a month after his first robbery. That's not smooth. Mr. Collected might have worked better here since he collected money and was calm. But smooth? Smooth is talking his way out of the arrest and robbing another bank. I gotta see the live reaction from Mr. Smooth finding out that's his nickname though. Need to see how excited he was to hear that name. I'll tell you what though, the quick response and witty line? The man is made to be a blogger. Thinking that quick on your feet and getting content? Blogging 101. 

On the topic of bank robberies quick, it still boggles my mind how many times a bank gets robbed. It seems like that's one of the crimes that would go down. Nobody wants to go to a bank anymore. It's crypto this, NFT that. Nobody just puts cash in a bank anymore, at least it feels that way. But it's 2021, you'd also think there's better technology to prevent bank robberies. I mean listen to the dude on Dog Walk explain how he had a half plan and it worked. 

There's been a zillion improvements in the world, yet not with the ability to stop a bank robbery. I don't know, just feel like that should have changed at some point. But back to Mr. Smooth, I need to imagine that this is how what he played during every getaway: 

Alien Ant Farm, what a band. Haven't thought of them in years or at least since the last time I watched American Pie 2. Kind of a win-win here though. Bad guy off the street, A+ comedic line after getting arrested. Love to see that in the content game.