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Happy Harvey Day!

I know there are some Mets fans, even maybe a few that I work with, that still have hate in their heart for Matt Harvey due to him no-showing games, hitting the DL for allegedly holding his piss in, shoving Qualcomm ads down our throats during interviews, or simply being a Yankees fan growing up. But I just can't be mad at the guy. 

I remember when Harvey Day was the only glimpse of hope we had as Mets fans not all that long ago. No Jacob deGrom as the best pitcher in baseball, no Francisco Lindor as the face of our franchise for the next decade, no Uncle Stevie dropping his dick on the negotiating table when money needed to be spent. Matt Harvey packing an absolute monster lipper and dominating on the bump was the only thing to look forward to on those 74-88 shit teams that had Mets immortals like Josh Thole, Andres Torres, Omar Quinanilla, and John Buck as regulars. 

Will you excuse me? I need a minute after reading those names again.

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Yes there was a direct correlation to how big of a star Harvey became to how much a dick he seemed to become. But that's just how New York City professional sports works sometimes, especially when you have a couple of dipshits running the franchise. I will never forget Harvey starting the All-Star Game at Citi Field, all the Dark Knight puns on newspapers, or that he gave his right arm during that 2015 World Series run, even if he fell jussssssst short in the biggest start of his career. Plus he was a Stoolie that bought a bunch of Barstool merch with his own money instead of looking for hand out back when Barstool was a fraction of what it is today. That definitely counts for something. Dude grinded his whole life for that big payday that will never come because Thoratic Outlet Syndrome became another weird medical term Mets fans had to learn. 

So I'll be rooting for Harvey to get cheered by the Flushing faithful today and wear a tough luck loss as the Mets win their 7th in a row on their way to 96+ wins. #LFGM #96ers